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Antrim Grammar School from UK have finshed their 4 day trek!  10 Jul 2017

 Antrim Grammar School from UK have finished their 4 day trek in Kerala! They trekked through the Western Ghats mountain region which is one of the 35 mega biodiversity hotspots in the world!

Antrim Grammar School from UK on their 1st day of trek!  05 Jul 2017

Antrim Grammar School students from UK have started their 4 day trekking expedition through the Western Ghat mountain regions of Kerala! Kindly check our facebook page for more pictures and videos!

Wynberg School girls loved their trek in Kerala and they managed to get some great shots!  02 Jul 2017

Wynberg School girls from South Africa have finished their 6 day trek in the Western Ghats! They have headed to Haripad to do a voluntary project in a local school! Check out our facebook and instagram feed fpr more pictures!

Harris Academy from UK in Kerala traditional attire!  03 Jul 2017

Harris Academy students from UK were more than happy to try out the Kerala Traditional Attire! They are currently doing a voluntary project at a local school in Haripad - flooring and building up it's walls!

Wynberg Girls' High School have started their trekking in Kerala!  29 Jun 2017

Wynberg Girls' High School have started their 6 day trek in the Western Ghats! They will be trekking from camp to camp everyday ending at Ramakalmedu. Check out our fb page for more pics! 

Harris Academy from UK are doing their project work at Haripad in Kerala!   29 Jun 2017

They are in the process of flooring and building up the walls for a local school here! This is completely voluntary for these kids to join the project which is highly appreciated. We have many more such groups coming down to Kerala in the coming days from UK! For more pictures, check out our facebook page.

Wynberg Girls Highschool is here!  28 Jun 2017

Wynberg Girls' High School from South Africa during their orientation session with Kalypso! :) We give orientation on Kerala culture, trekking expedition, community project and the Kerala day tours to all youth travel groups to give an insight into their 2 week expedition! 

World Challenge groups are on their way to Kerala! Stay tuned for interesting stories!  27 Jun 2017

 The mid year World Challenge youth travel groups are coming to Kerala this month. These youngsters of group size of almost 16 each would be going for a 4-6 day trek in the Western Ghats with Kalypso, followed by community project works and some must needed leisure time experiencing Kerala Day tours. Cheers to them!

Dream yourself a dream come true...  20 Jun 2017

A popular Malayalam film dialogue goes “EllathinumAthintethayaSamayumUnduDasa” which roughly translates into “There’s a right time for everything, my friend. And the time has come for Brijesh, our super cheerful and enthusiastic tour leader to fulfil his dream – To own his happy home!

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Look whom our cyclists encountered on their way back home!  16 Jun 2017

Once in a bluemoon does this happen! Our tour leaders were cycling back to Cochin after the 3 Day 3 Peak Cycling Challenge(check previous posts for details), and were lucky enough to spot this mountain goat on the road side. Perks of cycling in Kerala i would say! These Nilgiri Thars are endemic to the Western Ghats and are extremely reserved which you can make out from the picture - see how it has managed to turn its face at the right moment!

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