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Short snack break during day cycling at Kumbalangi.  30 Jul 2017

 Kumbalangi is a tiny fishing hamlet near Cochin, which is India's first designated ecotourism village. Day cycling through this village is a  must do for people seeking both cultural and adventure experience.

Experiencing Kerala Culture!  27 Jul 2017

 These students from UK were very excited to have Kerala meals in a traditional way - sitting on the floor,using their hands. Some of them even managed to wear a saree or dhothi to relive the Kerala life.

A local school in Kerala being renovated by students from UK.  26 Jul 2017

Few student groups from UK are doing a community project in locals schools in Kerala, renovating, rebuilding and making it a better place for the students here! Here, you could see a bunch of them painting the walls of a school.

Camping, trekking and cooking!  25 Jul 2017

End of their 4-6 day trek, all student groups from UK have to make dinner for themselves and Kalypso team. They made Indian Roti and Dal curry and many more yummy items in their own way! 

Students group from UK being welcomed at a local school in Kerala!  24 Jul 2017

Students from UK received a warm welcome at a local school in Kerala, where they would be doing a project to improve the amenities in the school. 

Kayaking in the backwaters of Kerala is a must experience!  20 Jul 2017

Student groups from UK loved kayaking and experiencing the village life in Alleppey through the intricate network of canals, palm fringed lagoons and inimitable life style of the Kuttanadan people. 

Silverdale School students from UK during their day cycling at Aleppey!  16 Jul 2017

These students loved the muddy off roads, lovely village people, the long stretch of coconut groves and paddy fields as they cycled 27 kms from Alleppey as a part of their 'Rest and Recreation' program! 

Invicta Grammar Schhol from UK at Haripad in Kerala!  18 Jul 2017

Invicta Grammar School from UK did an appreciable community work at a local school in Aroor in Kerala! Though it was not an easy task, they were always happy and smiling as you see in the picture!

Trekking through the tea plantations of Munnar!  13 Jul 2017

Anyone would turn around to admire the sheer beauty one sees while trekking through the tea plantations of Munnar! Harris Academy students from UK did nothing less as you see in the picture!

Silverdale T3 students from UK loved plucking and eating 'chakka' (Jackfruit), which is one of the favorite food of Keralites!  12 Jul 2017

Keralites love chakka! Abundantly found in Kerala, they have found immense use out of this largest fruit in the world! When Silverdale T3 students decided to come to Kerala for a trekking expedition from UK, they expected nothing less than a trek through the Western Ghat mountain region of Kerala. But plucking and eating chakka has added on to them experiencing the real Kerala!

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