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Kerala Natural History Safari
Kerala Natural History Safari including birds, butterflies, mammals, reptiles, plants and the tribal population that protects them.
Kerala Natural History Safari (KS - 03)
Region : South India



Cost per Person

US$ 1150

Tour Overview

Welcome to a safari in one of the 35 Bio-Diversity hotspots of the world. With a vast treasure of endemism, the areas you will be visiting are spectacularly rich in plant & animal species. The Lowland forests at Thattekkad have 7 different eco-systems which augur well for a substantial number of birds – 275 species in a small area of 25 sq kms, besides large numbers of butterflies and invertebrates. Munnar has a different eco-system – that of grasslands interspersed with shola vegetation (high altitude montane forests). We will travel through such sholas. These are some of Asia’s largest mountain forests brimming with endemism & are a protected enclave. Munnar is also a place to see the Nilgiri Tahr, one of the threatened endemic species of the Western Ghats. Our journey will also take us to the famed Indira Gandhi National park near Valparai where the Lion Tailed Macaques are seen regularly.

Kerala Natural History Safari

Day 1-2: Lowland Forests of Thattekkad
On arrival, we will proceed towards Thattekkad, a lowland forest rich in wildlife including birds and butterflies, 57 species of fishes, 12 species of amphibians (4 are endemic to Western Ghats), 30 species of reptiles, 38 species of aquatic macro vertebrates, besides 275 species of birds and 76 species of butterflies. Elephants, Sambar deer, Wild Dogs, Civet Cat and Jungle Cats are common sightings. The lowland forests at Thattekkad, serves as a field laboratory for conservation,education, research and monitoring. Our stay would be at the Hornbill Camp,located on the banks of the river Periyar.
Day 3-4: Land of the Cloud Forests - Munnar
From Thattekkad, we will take the spectacular 3 hour drive along the climbing road - through forests and tea gardens – to the hill station of Munnar, 1500 metres high in the mountains. The combination of crisp mountain air, craggy peaks and tall red wood trees make it a peaceful retreat. This place is home to rare endemic species of birds - the White bellied Shortwing, the Broad tailed Grass bird – as well as the endangered Nilgiri Tahr (ibex). We will make our way to the enclave of the Nilgiri Tahr at Rajamala and explore the grasslands ecology at Munnar. We will also take the road to Top Station and visit Asia’s largest high altitude mountain forest, described as a “living Fossil” – the Manavan Shola – a veritable treasure trove of endemism & bio-diversity. Overnight at a resort.  
Day 5-6: Indira Gandhi National Park & Surrounding Areas
After you leave Munnar quite early in the morning, further exploration towards Chinnar, a dry scrub forest, will also enable you to sight the Malabar Giant squirrel, the Grizzled Giant Squirrel and the endangered Star Tortoise, possibly gaurs & elephants. After Chinnar you will be taking the 2 hour drive across the Tamil Nadu border to the forests of Valparai near Indira Gandhi national park - a place known for its great swathes of forests and wildlife. Elephants, sloth bears, leopards, gaurs (Indian Bison), dholes (wild dogs), king cobra and the lion-tailed macaques can be spotted in their natural habitat. We will venture out on a wildlife safari through the forest trails and the main target is the elusive and highly endangered endemic Lion Tailed Macaques.  
Day 7: Departure
We will depart for Kochi. End of tour.  


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