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Himalayan Cycling Holiday
Himalayan Cycling
Himalayan Cycling Holiday (KC-11)
Region : North India



Cost per Person

US$ 1040

Based on a minimum of 2 people travelling

Tour Overview

The southern Himalayan region of Uttarakhand is a place for spiritual believers, adventurers and nature lovers. Uttarakhand is located at the north-eastern part of India bordering Nepal to the south east and the Himalayas from north to east of the state. As a major part is on the Himalayan ranges, there are lots of hilly routes through typical Indian villages and holy shrines which contribute to the beautiful Himalayan views, with most of the routes along the river boasting of minimal traffic.

Himalayan Cycling Holiday

Day 1: Arrival at Delhi
You will arrive at the country’s capital New Delhi and throughout the day you can explore this multicultural city. Apart from the highly populated, noisy, traffic-ridden and active streets, there is much to see as Delhi has a history of various dynasties, which left behind a rich variety of art, culture and royal heritage. It has given an Islamic touch to the architecture and food of Delhi. Even In today’s world, you will find the traditional and the modern citizens of India trying to keep the Delhi spirit alive. One must try the sweets and also see the beautiful monuments. A walk through Chandini Chowk’s market is the perfect experience to know India.  
Day 2: Transfer to Nainital
You will be transferred to Haldwani which is a 270kms drive and throughout the route you can gaze out at sugarcane and mustard fields. On arrival you will check-in at the hotel in Nainital which is situated at a height of 1938 meters above sea level. Nainital is known as the Lake District of India. The local market is also a place worth visiting. You could try out the ropeway which gives a spectacular panoramic view of town.  
Day 3: Nainital
Today you will cycle to Bhimtal which is famous for its Bhimtal Lake and the picturesque locations around the town. Bhimtal is older than Nainital and was once part of the ancient silk route. This route has a long downhill stretch and once you reach Bhimtal Lake you can cycle around the banks.  
Day 4: Almora
While cycling to Almora, the route has a view of the rivers and the natural wonders that this area is famous for. All along by the roadside, you will find small shrines for the local settlers who pray and look after them. You will be cycling by the Kosi River. Almora is famous for spectacular views, handicrafts and its delicious cuisine. It is situated on a horse shoe ridge on the mountain ranges. There is an 800-years old sun temple called Katarmal and Lala Bazaar, a 200-years old local market which are worth visiting.  
Day 5: Chaukori
You will be cycling down to Chaukori which is at a height of 2010 meters above sea level and then on towards the north, where the Tibetan border is situated. While cycling towards Chaukori, a splendid view of the Himalayas is visible. A few portions of the hills are covered by tea plantations. This region is sparsely populated and here nature has lot to offer the visitor. The mountain air, the birds and the crimson sun reaching out to the snow are all breath taking.  
Day 6: Munsiyari
Start off with a 25kms downhill ride to Munsiyari along the river. As we approach Munsiyari, the Panchachuli, a group of 5 peaks is visible clearly. Throughout the route, there are a lot of beautiful shrines. With only the birds chirping to break the silence of nature you will feel its power. The hotel provides rooms with stunning views of the Himalayan ranges.          
Day 7: Munsiyari
On this day you will cycle around locally & visit the markets. Munsiyari is 2298 meters above sea level and is close to Nepal and Tibet. Munsiyari literary means ‘Place with Snow’ and it is also called the ‘Chota Kashmir’. The Nanda Devi Temple is the famous temple here. This region is not populated and there is a tribal settlement known as Shaukas or Bhotia. The carpets made by these tribes are worth a look during the local sightseeing.  
Day 8: Bageshwar
Initially it will be a long downhill ride with lots of small temples until you reach Bageshwar. The Bagnath Temple of Lord Shiva is a very famous shrine which was built back in 1450 AD near Gomti River. Bageshwar is known for its religious and historic significance. Bageshwar is a small town and has not modernized and is among the underdeveloped towns of the region. You will be staying at a budget hotel.  
Day 9: Gopeshwar
This route will be through the holy temple along the river banks and with a spectacular Oak view. Interacting respectfully with the local people and understanding the lifestyles of these settlements is an experience to cherish. The Hindu Mythological stories told by the tribes are also a memory you can take back home. Gopeshwar is at a height of 1300 meters.  
Day 10: Guptkashi
This day you will get a spectacular ride to Guptkashi. This route is also known as ‘the mini Switzerland’ by the local people. Guptkashi means ‘Hidden Holy Place’ which is 1319 Meters above sea level and is a religiously important place. Manikarnik is a place where River Ganga and River Yamuna meet. In India, all rivers are considered holy and River Ganga and River Yamuna are considered the holiest of them all. Also, they are the main tourist attractions.    
Day 11: New Tehri
Today you will cycle your way along the Mandakini River followed by an uphill ride to Joshimath to reach Tehri. The name is derived from the word Trihari which means cleansing the 3 sins in man; those are Mansa (thought), Vacha (Words) and Karmana (deed). The Old Tehri lies under water and now is among the world’s largest manmade lake and the tallest dam in India. This dam is known for being the world’s largest hydroelectric Project. You will be staying in the New Tehri which is at 1550 – 1950 meters above sea level, overlooking the Tehri Lake and Tehri Dam.  
Day 12: Rishikesh
This day you will be cycling by the small villages and will stop at a local tea shop for tea. As you approach the holy city of Rishikesh, the population seems to increase as it is a religious and a tourist spot. A lot of Hindu devotees can be met and there are many adventure activities available for the adventurer lovers.
Day 13: Transfer to Delhi
Today you’ll have a short stint of cycling and will transfer back to Delhi.   


• Accompanying Cycling Guide
• Multi Geared Cycling
• Accommodation and Meals
• Refreshment & Water
• Support vehicle with cycle carrier

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