Dream yourself a dream come true…

A popular Malayalam film dialogue goes “EllathinumAthintethayaSamayumUnduDasa” which roughly translates into “There’s a right time for everything, my friend. And the time has come for Brijesh, our super cheerful and enthusiastic tour leader to fulfil his dream – To own his happy home!

Before I talk about how Brijesh managed to achieve this dream at such a young age, let me give you little bit of an  insight into his life!

Brijesh joined Kalypso in 2011. Born and brought up in Mumbai (known as ‘The Gateway of India’),and working as a sales representative for 8 years, he had seen both ups and downs of the city life. He then had a sudden urge to return to his homeland – Kerala. In his words, “Our people and culture had been calling me to Kerala from a long time. It became possible only in 2011.” Joining Kalypso was another dream come true for Brijesh, who loved the rich culture and tradition of his homeland as he was able to meet new people and talk to them about the rich heritage Kerala possesses. Brijesh in the early years of his job as a tour leader with Kalypso

In 2009, he met his better half Maya and got married to her, which was an arranged marriage. In India, many people follow the traditional practice of getting married to the person found by  their parents or guardians! Interesting right? (I will talk in detail about arranged marriages in future blogs!)

So, once he decided to settle down in Kerala, he realised that he doesn’t have a land of his own. Brijesh, with his wife and new born daughter Aradhya, stayed in a rented house for many years, while he dreamt of staying in his own!Hence, he started saving as much as he can by working passionately as a culture tour guide with Kalypso.

Brijesh with his daughter Aaradhya

And finally, when it was the ‘right time’, everything started falling in place! Can you imagine the time span in which Brijesh’s 6 year old dream became a reality? It just took him 45 days to complete all the required procedures! Through a real estate agent, Brijesh saw the house and he says,one look and he knew the house was made for him. Meanwhile he applied for a loan through Kalypso’s recommendation which got sanctioned easily.I think he has spent less time  making his house than talking about it with me! (just kidding!J). It’s not an easy task to own a house at a young age for someone hailing from a middle class family in Kerala, other than for hard workers and go-getters like Brijesh!


House warming function

Brijesh and his cute family

To own a house, and build a home inside it is a dream for many people. So, was it for Brijesh. In his words, “this is a big achievement in my life, a bumper lottery! I never expected this to happen in a short span of time. Heartfelt gratitude to  commanders and Radhika Ma’am and all my colleagues for all the support extended to me. It was our dream to own a simple and sweet home and now that’s possible.”says a smiling Brijesh.

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