Post COVID Travel

Post-COVID Travel in India

The Covid Era has proven to be one that will certainly be etched in our memories forever. From school-going kids to the elderly, all our lives have changed. Our outlook and our daily priorities have changed in this short period. Therefore it is but inevitable that the time to rethink our travel too has arrived. Towards this, here are the Top 7 things we need to keep in mind when planning the Post Covid Travel in India.

Post-Covid Travel in India
  1. Take care of yourself

Covid is here to remain for the near future, but that doesn’t mean you and I can remain indoors until it ends. We need to adapt to the new normal and move on with life in a positive manner. Travel might become possible soon. When that happens, extra care towards personal hygiene and safety should be ensured as advised by government and health care professionals. We believe that travellers should make certain that they have enough masks and sanitisers based on the nature of their trip. In-depth understanding of travel plans will help ensure that social distancing can be maintained throughout the trip. In case of any mild symptoms whether it be even a common cold, it is best to avoid travel altogether.

  1. Know where you are going

It is important that we choose our destinations wisely. It would be advisable to avoid travel during this time to vulnerable communities thereby respecting their privacy and concerns. Do understand that the spread of the pandemic has changed local perspectives. So we have to avoid close local interaction and give them their space. We can still enjoy our travels with this mind-set. Wouldn’t it be great to pack up a picnic-box from home and enjoy breaks in privacy? We recommend strict avoidance of crowded places and creating a route-plan that avoids containment zones.

  1. Travel Locally

Our attempt has been to take this time as the best opportunity to go back to our roots. Explore your hometown and places around that. Since you know the area and would be comfortable with the people, this is the best thing to do. Believe me, there are hidden treasures in your neighbourhood that you would have taken for granted. With your new perspective, you will start to enjoy them. Give it a try!

  1. Know who you are travelling with

In this time of uncertainty, it’s best to travel with a closed group of people you know. Since the asymptomatic cases are on the rise, try to be with people you can trust.

  1. Stay Active

Being indoors for a long time would have taken a toll on your health. It is time to get active. Start-off with an early morning walk or run avoiding the crowd. If you enjoy cycling, pick up one and start cycling. Explore the Nature and Outdoors near you. This, as far as I know, is the safest place to be.

  1. Avoid Public Transport

Even though this is the most carbon-efficient way of traveling, it’s best to avoid travel using Public Transport as of now. Try self-driving trips with people you know. If you want to minimise your emissions, cycling to a destination is a great option.

  1. Travel with companies you can trust

If you need help of a tour operator, make sure they have good safety records and that they follow all safety guidelines as recommended by WHO.

As history has proven, mankind has always adapted and evolved based on the challenges that came our way. We have always survived on the basis of greater skills and mental faculties. So let’s focus on the positive side of the pandemic. Let’s adapt to the new normal and move on with an active and enjoyable life.

Post-COVID Travel ideas in Kerala, India:

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