eBikes -unlimited potential on two wheels

Tours on two-wheels

In the world of bike tours, E-bikes are the new kids on the block! Fun, friendly and filled with possibility modern E-bikes take biking into the future in ways that were only dreamt of till recently.

Understanding E-bikes
An electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion and runs on rechargeable batteries. Recognising India as a potential destination for biking tours, Kalypso took the timely decision to promote the use of E-bikes. We use custom-made pedal assist E-bikes and have been testing them for over a year now. Able to negotiate easily a daily average distance of 80 to 100 kms on plains and 50 to 70 kms on hilly roads, Kalypso recognises e-bikes as a special futuristic prospect. We provide it exclusively with our in-house expertise to upgrade normal bikes to E-bikes using E-bike kits.

E-bikes – Who can use and why
Are you an occasional biker? Is your fitness level something you wouldn’t want to brag about? Have you wanted to experience a biking tour, but felt limited? Or are you an intense biker – a veteran of many pedalling miles? Have you ever dreamed of an off-road biking tour? The answer to all these questions could very well be the quintessential E-bike.
Our pedal assist e-bikes offer you the choice of pedalling when you wish to and cruising along with your group at other times. It is a less-sweat, more-fun, and a totally safe and easy way of experiencing places and people.

E-bikes – potential unlimited
Be it hill roads or plains, paved miles or village by-lanes, E-bikes thrill the riders keeping them secure in the knowledge that the comfort and excitement come with an eco-friendly attitude. Faster than normal bikes, they cover more distance with less effort and in less time. In a country like India where much of its beauty lies outside of cities and along inaccessible roads, e-bikes can revolutionise the way you travel.

A recent tour
Even as we go to blog, we have just completed an eight-day e-bike tour of south India with two Australian guests. Being occasional bikers with middling fitness levels, they weren’t sure they would be able to complete the tour on the mostly off-road conditions on the itinerary. At the end of the eighth day however, both Els and Marie were two exhilarated ladies high on their triumph of not just having completed the tour, but having enjoyed it with enough memories to last them for a lifetime. This and more such tours like this in the past have motivated us to plan similar itineraries.

A thought to leave you with
Kalypso wants to re-imagine bike tours keeping them in the realm of fun and possibility. Our e-bike tours besides focusing on being eco-friendly are designed to drag out every moment of fun, discovery and the innovative.


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