A tour on a tuk tuk takes your South India experience to another level altogether. For what other ride provides you with the time to take in and assimilate the mesmerizing landscape en route while at the same time giving you the opportunity to exchange a laugh or two with your travel-mate and stretch your legs every once in a while. Throughout your ride on this quaint, unusual vehicle you can be secure in the presence of Kalypso’s support staff that enables the tour almost seamlessly.

Our first tuk tuk challenge flagged off from the heart of Fort Kochi with more than 15 enthusiastic travellers to explore real India. From the flat terrains of Kochi onto the cultural heartland of Kerala, Cheruthuruthy and then to Pollachi in the neighbouring state and the surreal hill station Kodaikanal before re-entering Kerala at Bodi with its spectacular wildlife sanctuary and going on to Alleppey’s treasure trove of waterways prior to returning to Kochi…how much more can a tour offer in breath taking diversity and experiences. Experiences that promote the idea of interaction with local communities – weaving a coconut leaf or viewing the creation of the one meter chai or trying a hand at traditional fishing or in making a customary popular snack, we offer you experiences that are genuine as part of our attempt to share glimpses of real life in South India.

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