Kerala floods – Kalypso report 2018

As the flood waters recede in Kerala, its people look on – horrified and resigned, and with the embers of an undying determination simmering in their hearts. They see before them the long uphill road and realise that only a strong back, a stoic mind and a compassionate soul will help them take each and every single step along the way.

We at Kalypso salute the thousands of volunteers from across all spectrums of society and from all parts of India and the world who risked their own lives to rescue the affected population, to provide relief materials to the dispossessed and to clean homes and make them habitable and are even today continuing to do the same. The armed forces, the paramilitary forces, the fishermen, the local people, the health professionals and professionals from every field, all sterling volunteers prove beyond doubt that humanity still abides in the human being. Our own young boys from Kalypso involved neck deep in relief and rescue activities have heartrending stories of courage, humility, grit and kindness to share. The ordinary Malayali faced with a calamity not experienced in a hundred years is digging deep within to understand the responsibility of living in Gods own country.

May this tribe that puts others before self, flourish!

For it is only together that we can and shall overcome.

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